Are You Covered?

We need to be covered spiritually, physically and economically in the new year.

In good organisations, staff have insurance, financial packages to cover for losses arising from unavoidable exposure to hazards. Legal representatives are also in place to defend the organisation and staff in the event of litigation arising from work related activities.

I remember being involved in a disastrous incident at work years ago, I found it difficult to understand why it happen at all and also why me. The organisation, colleagues and particularly my boss were very understanding, luckily for me, I followed the standard operating procedures(SOP) and work Instructions provided(WI). I subsequently explained in writing, providing full details of the events that lead to the accident, the precautions I took to prevent it and how I got my immediate supervisor informed about these. The legal team/administration saw to the conclusion of the case without it ruining my life. I learnt my lesson and grow to become more efficient and productive in the organisation.

Our day-to-day living is a job our loving father has given to us, God intends us to see it as an enjoyable gift , not a miserable chore. it is a well-known fact that if you do what you are passionate about, it is no longer a job/work but a pleasurable activity you look forward to. Our life is very personal, God has prepared us spiritually,mentally, biologically and environmentally to be able to do what he want us to do here on earth.

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We have also been provided with an extensive cover in Jesus Christ. He is our mediator, advocate and above all bears all our punishment, if we must be punished for any wrong doing.  All we have to do is sign up to this package, first by becoming a member of the organisation of the children of God through faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit then bears witness with our spirit that we are a child of God.

From my experience, to be successfully represented by the legal team,  I had to know and practice the Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) and Work Instructions (WI) provided for the work I do. Christians get acquainted with SOP and WI of  life by reading the bible and praying everyday. we must not forsake the assembly of other believers ( fellowship, church), for they are our colleagues and come very useful in times of trial. We need to finally practice what we know and in the event of any mishap,call on God and he will surely cover us.

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Knowing we are covered, banishes fear and lack of resources and makes us more confident, progressive and successful in life.

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6 Things To Stop Caring About Today

We need to choose our battles.Our resources are often very limited, hence, they must be allocated to issues and tasks we can positively change.  Identify these and do all you possibly can, never waste your energy on the things discussed by Tom in his blog; 6 things to stop caring about, feel free to add more things that may personally relate to you.

Click on the link below to read the blog.

6 Things To Stop Caring About Today.

Inner Peace

Life and its different dimensions  needs to be balanced to have a healthy body and mind. 




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Illustration of the human life cycle: baby> child> adolescent> adult> old 

Every part of  our being  is specially crafted by nature and nurture beginning from conception. Discovering one’s special make is very important( knowing your strengths and weakness), no  amount of excessive stretching or work can create a new us.  it takes a great person to admire the talents and achievements of friends, peers and competitors you don’t have to be them or strive for the  same things, discover your inner talents and strengths and  polish these to the best of your ability.  We need to also know when to pause,break or completely stop if need be with our head high up, having done the best we could possibly do.

To survive at all, it may be necessary to overstretch or “create” certain  capabilities, to do this we need the support of the society (big brother) close family and friends to at least guarantee a reasonable quality of life, without being critical or judgemental.

Expectation or better put the spirit of entitlement make  people believe they are entitled to certain lifestyle,talent or position  e.t.c. this have led to significant imbalance in most aspect of life, producing unstable  people with physical, psychology or spiritual problem which either make them clinically mad, from mild depression to all sorts of psychotic disorders or commonly these days addicted to different types of substances ranging from food,exercise , work or  mind altering drugs.

Once again we need to know who we are, not  who we ought to be, where we are, not where we ought to be. We should discover what we enjoy most, the job most natural to us irrespective of the level or class, our talents, hobbies and develop these.

Everyone  must  learn:

1. Contentment: Gratitude for who we are and what we are. Learn to see the best in every situation  and dwell on the positive –  there are two sides to a coin.

2.  Know our comfort zone, but do not rest in it, with right training and practice, maximise your ability, keeping in mind the balance of life.

3. The beauty of  simple or uncomplicated life. this can be the foundation for  new experiences or adventure before we venture afield if necessary.

Another way of  having peace of mind is to acquire and balance fundamental human needs as discussed by Nax-Neef and associates  Continue reading