An Eye for an Eye

I do not believe in repaying an offence with an offence, even, when I know I am deliberately targeted unjustifiably. Reacting to an attack credits the offender. What about repaying evil with good, knowing that no good deed is unrewarded.

Love whether from God to man or man to man is a positive experience we must not deny ourselves. Love is often unmerited or undeserving, and, it is psychologically rewarding to those involved.

Love for one another is not just a feeling as most people would rather think, it is an ideology, a principle and above all a way of life. Love covers a multitude of sins and conquers all.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Absolutely nobody, will see and appreciate the beauty of nature – the water falls, blossoming flowers, beautiful creatures, our dearest family members and the list goes on and on and on.

Seriously, if we keep reacting to negative things people say or do, instead of taking time to think things through and respond positively, we will miss experiencing the supernatural powers that dwells in our humanity. To err is human, but, to forgive is divine.

When I refuse to be distracted by an offender, I get progressively stronger and better to face life’s challenges.

Let’s unburden ourselves and soar like an eagle.

Soaring Eagle

Free as a Bird