Self examination!

Some may say self-examination (Personal Audit) is for serious-minded people, or maybe you think it is time consuming. Believe me you are a serious-minded person who has all the time in the world to do some soul-searching. It is as easy as doing the next activity you have set out to do – cooking,eating, dressing, visiting and lots more.

Everyone is intuitively engaged in self-examination, but, with minimal result. It is hoped that after today, we will make the most of searching and understanding our motives and actions.

If you are not alarmed by your discovery, start again, mind you this is not meant to be an event but a continuous process – daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal as desired.

Generally, evaluate the past as well as present experiences, choices, omissions and associations. You need to benchmark yourself against standards (like moral laws/obligations, bible, traditions) you personally uphold or believe in. it is also important to look up to chosen mentors in the society.  In a nutshell build a picture of who you want to be and note deviations from this image. It will be useful to document your thoughts. Date and place should be included.


The aim of self-examination is to discover the unique beautifully created flower we are, much like your zodiac sign for those who believe it. You must not condemn who you are, wallow in   self-pity or guilt. Appreciate who you are, to boost your self-esteem and gain needed confidence to improve.